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When so many great tracks are spread liberally over two expensive and highly-sought after library LPs the only solution is to compile the very best tracks onto one, affordable 33rpm EP. Spoke is proud to present our first ever reissue of library tracks licensed directly from Roland Kluger, the 'RK' in Roland Kluger Music.

A must for library collectors or DJs requiring either '80s-style funk instrumentals for their play-out sets or mellower, soulful grooves, this release arrives housed in a gloriously pale green RKM poster bag with further information on the RKM library.

Check out the soundclips before heading over to the Spoke shop where pre-ordering is now available for this release which ships on Wednesday July 22nd 2015.

What do Jean La Fennec's 'Phantastic' LP, Chakachas 'Jungle Fever', Two Man Sound's 'Que Tel America' and Andre Brasseur's 'Early Bird' have in common? The answer is of course, Roland Kluger. Click the menu to Trails 1508 to read all about his career in music or...

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