Quality double-sided 45s for discerning collectors and DJs

About Us

...from very different backgrounds in record collecting met to discuss starting a record label. 

Through private discussions on the VG+ Forum, Col Wolfe, Towny and I realised we had all entertained the idea of creating a label for a considerable amount of time and shared similar thoughts about how it could happen. 

The idea of pooling our resources and working  collectively to create a new record label from the ground up was massively appealing. 

The Label

As good a starting point as any, we knew from the start we wanted to...

  • Create high quality 7" vinyl 45rpm records for DJs who love the format.
  • Reissue great songs that are either expensive on original or hard to find.
  • Reissue great songs that have been overlooked. 
  • Convert LP only songs to create great double-sided 45s. 
  • Release brand new material or previously unissued songs.


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